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Arizona Churches Offering Food Provision Programs

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Programs directly operated by churches

Grace Episcopal Church

111 Bunker Drive
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
928-855-2525 (church)

Has food bank, operating Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Contact Person - Al Garner (Tuesday and Wednesday to receive calls)

Grace St. Paul's

2331 E. Adams St.
Tucson , AZ 85719-4308

520-327-6857 (church)



Four food ministries:

  • Joseph's Pantry: operating M-F, 9 a.m. – noon. Provides food boxes to individuals and families.

Contact persons: Roger Swett & Steve Williams

  • Bread for the Pantry - delivers hundreds of loaves of bread each week to 26 shelters in Tucson

Contact person: Doree Ramey

  • Primavera - provides lunch for 20 day workers & dinner for 100 homeless men, monthly

Contact persons: Holly Shinn & Rick Hanson

  • TIHAN - in partnership with other churches, provides food to persons with HIV/AIDS a couple of times a year

Contact person: Aimee Graves

St. Andrew’s Church

545 S. 5th Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85702

520-622-8318 (church)

Three parish food distribution programs:

  • Food for Life
  • Neighbors feeding Neighbors
  • Meals for shut in parishioners

Each program offers full meals and snack packs. Additional funding and volunteers are provided by Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation & Armory Park Neighborhood Association.

All programs operate five days a week, from 7 a.m to noon.

Contact person: The Rev. Jefferson Bailey

St. John the Baptist

4102 W. Union Hills Dr.
Glendale, AZ 85308

623-582-5449 (church)

Has food pantry, operating Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. through 2:30 p.m. (Reduced hours on occasion.) Serves an average of 80 people a month.

Contact person: Jeanne Waterman

St. Luke’s at the Mountain

848 E. Dobbins Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85066-8667

602-276-7318 (church)

Three food distribution projects serving an average of 150 families a month:

  • Farmer’s Market: operated in partnership with St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance. FREE fresh produce (vegetables and fruits) as well as bread and drinks distributed every second Saturday of the month.
  • Has food bank, operating every other Tuesday from 9 a.m. to noon, which distributes food boxes to 40 families.
  • Provides Emergency Food Boxes – given to walk-ins at any time.

Contact person: The Rev. Romeo Rabusa, 623-332-3999

St. Mark’s

322 N. Horne
Mesa, AZ 85203

480-964-5820 (church)

Has food pantry, operating Tuesdays from 10-11:30 a.m.

Contact persons: Barry & Penny Place, 480-380-4738

St. Stephen's

2310 N. 56th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85008-2611

602-840-0437 (church)

Has food bank, operating Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to noon

Contact persons: Ed Ralston, 480-947-9227 and Sandy Sanderson, 480-945-2526

Former church food bank now a non-profit organization

Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank

North Chandler Mall
1368 N. Arizona Avenue, Unit 115
Chandler, AZ

Phone: 480-857-2296 (food bank number)

Food bank operating M-F, 9 a.m. to noon.

Contact persons: The Rev. John Hall, 480-899-7386 and Linda Brill, 480-899-3606
Executive Director: Aimee Runyon, 480-766-2625

Partnerships in Food Provision
The Church of Our Saviour

5147 Show Low Lake Road
Lakeside, AZ 85929-5218

Phone: 928-537-7830

Collects food in baskets and takes it monthly to the Love Kitchen, a local area food bank.

Contact person: Peggy Smith

Church of the Holy Spirit

2501 E. Cactus Road
Phoenix, AZ 85032

602-971-2721 (church)

Partnering with

Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank
10862 N. 32nd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85028

In addition, maintains a small food pantry from which food is distributed regularly once a week to approximately nine families, and irregularly from the office to walk-ins.

Contact persons: Janis Williamson, 602-595-4464 and Alice MacArthur, 602-466-2674

Good Shepherd of the Hills

6502 E. Cave Creek Rd.
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Phone: 480-488-3283 (church)

Partnering with Foothills Food Bank, Cave Creek, & financial support to St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.
20403 N. Lake Pleasant Rd.
Peoria, AZ 85382
Phone: 602-501-2339
Supports Valley View Community Food Bank, a local area food bank, by volunteering 3-4 Saturdays per month.
Contact person: The Rev. John F. Maher

St. Alban's

3738 Old Sabino Canyon Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85750 -2102

520-296-0791 (church)

Food ministries:

  • Meals for Primavera Men's Shelter - have two cooking teams serving approx 100 men in the Primavera Men's Shelter, Tucson. The teams take one Monday a month (2nd and 4th), assemble the ingredients, cook, deliver and serve the meals.
  • Nutrition Clinic - operate a special nutrition clinic as part of the St. Andrew's Children's Clinic, Nogales operation on a monthly basis. The main part of our involvement, through a nutritionist in the congregation, is special foods for the many painfully undernourished indigenous children crossing the border each month for this help and support.
  • Annual Food Drive - Around and on Mother's Day. Parishioners bring food in memory of, thanksgiving for, etc., mothers, grands and other significant persons in their lives. The Monday after Mother's Day, a caravan of cars and trucks load up and head off to Casa Maria soup kitchen, Tucson. The names of those mothers remembered or honored are published in bulletins and mailings and each living mother gets a special letter detailing the gift in her name.

Contact person: Linda Bryant, 520-296-0791

St. Andrew’s Church

6300 W. Camelback Rd.
Glendale, AZ 85301-7305

Phone: 623-846-8046

1st Sunday Food Bank: The first Sunday of every month collects canned good and non-perishable breakfast food items that go to the William C. Jack Elementary School in the Glendale Elementary School District to feed kids that come to school without breakfast and to help families that are in need of food. Food not used is contributed to a Food Bank.

Contact persons: Betty & Max Klass, 623-463-7836


All Saints

210 W. Main St.
Safford, AZ 85546-2349


All Saints, Safford has a Thanksgiving and Christmas food box project where we take boxes of food to the Bylas community on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.  We served 88 (250 inidividuals) families during the holiday season last year. Canned food and staples would be much appreciated. 

Contact person: The Rev Ann Johnson, 928-485-9267 or 928-348-9430

Diocesan Convention
Food Drive

Oct. 16-17, 2009

Sheraton Crescent Hotel
2620 W. Dunlap Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021

We'd like 1,000 gifts of food!

We also need gifts for Thanksgiving & Christmas baskets

Bring your donated food items to the registration area at Convention.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

2000 Shepard’s Lane
Prescott, AZ 86301

Phone: 928-778- 4499 (church)

Don’t Spend Christmas Alone Dinner. Serve full Christmas dinners, with all the trimmings, to up to 855 people who are alone or feel alone on Christmas Day. More than 150 volunteers plan, prepare, and serve the dinner. The event, which serves people from all over the tri-city area, has become a tradition in the area.

Contact person: Lois Hepner

Trinity Cathedral

100 W. Roosevelt
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: 602-254-7126

  • Feeding the Homeless Program - part of the cathedral’s Outreach Program. Collects food and distributes to groups such as Rescue Mission, Andre House, Interstate Cooperative Ministries, and more. Also packages small snack packs for direct distribution to walk-ins.

Contact person: The Rev. Maeve Johnson, 480-315-9647 (work)

  • Hispanic Ministries: serves approximately 16 families (some families have 10-12 people) once per month. Distribution takes place after the 12:30 p.m. Spanish Service about 2 p.m. Distribution coordinator, The Rev. Canon Carmen Guerrero, does not have a budget for Hispanic Ministries and relies heavily on donations.
Contact person: The Rev. Sally Durand, Hispanic Ministries Assistant, or 602-254-7126 ext. 304
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littlelacie   in reply to rgumpert
you are very welcome.
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rgumpert   in reply to littlelacie
thanks for the info
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littlelacie   in reply to rgumpert
there is no cash on this site,we can only tell you of places that might be able to help.dial 211, give city,county and state, say what you need help with. they will tell you what help might be available.
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Hello! I am a grandmother of two small children. We have been given a 5 day eviction notice at where I live. Northwest Gardens Apartments. I am scared for my family, and would appreciate any help I can get to keep this apartment for my family. Both my son and daughter had recently started working at Walmart, but haven't gotten paid yet. We just need a little jump start with our rent. Anything would be appreciated. Northwest Gardens Apartments 9350 N 67th Ave #291 is our address. Please anyone! we need help.
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Im a 44 yr old Women who suffers from a rare type of Parkinson"s Disease..I moved to Tucson and traveled here from another state..I never ask for help..but i lost one of my service animals due to stress of moving.. My other iguana is sick ,,and need medical attention i cant affford..Shes everything to me ..I lost all my material possessions. I can slowly get furniture and clothing but cannot replace my pet..Plz.. Someone hear my prayers ..and help me find organization or church that can help with my service iguanas medical treatment. Shes ill and it hurts me that i cant do anything ..Im financial unable ..I thank you for taking time to read this . God Bless.
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sonshinesas   in reply to Teachingtofish
Couldn't have said it better myself, great post.
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GJ's mom   in reply to Teachingtofish
What if it's not enough money? I have bare neckties. The only thing of value I have is my car but I'm upside down on it so I'm just stuck with the payment and as a FT working and single mom with NO family within a two thousand mile radius I'm stuck
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GJ's mom   in reply to Teachingtofish
I am a single mother of a two year old. I work fu time, about 40-45 hrs a week, take care of my son 100% alone AND go to school. Please tell me how I can find time to try and make more money? I've tried finding someone to help watch my son to get a second job but who wants to freely watch a child every evening indefinitely. I'm just saying that things aren't always as easy as you think.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Young Couple
Hi for food call church's and see which one give out food call food pantries for bill rent light gas call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with have pen and paper when u call
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Young Couple
Hi we are a couple just starting off and we both just recently lost our jobs. We haven't given up but we came to the point we we needed to let our guard down and ask for help. Is there anyway we can get help with some of the bills and food for now? Thank you..
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so last sept, my wife and I got married when I got back from Afghanistan, I took on her two kids, I had 2 I adopted from a previous marriage that I now have to pay 600 every two weeks for...that that we got married, I WAS a govt contractor and a few weeks after we got married, I was sent to korea...they offered me to stay there they flew the wife over to check it out, we got a fully furnished apt, paid me well...she flew back to new Hampshire..sold everything we had...we had a suitcase that's I flew back in jan of this year to get them...mind u the kids 16 and 14 never have flown or even been out of the country...we got their passports, Korean govt approved all of them to come...I move them to korea...was hard for them an may, I got called into work, given a piece of paper told I was done we had a week to leave korea and be back at the home plant outside boston...they paid for me only and our stuff...I had to borrow over 3k from my wifes ex husband to get them back on airfare...the let me go jun 3 due to dod budget cuts...we had nothing back in new we quickly went and got a used car...they put us up in a hotel for a week...gave me my severance and the wife decided we wanted to go someplace completely new...we wanted out west and someplace warm, so we flew here to phx...on my flier miles...found a house in was more than I knew we could afford...oh and june 3 I applied for unemployment that day from Massachusetts...anyways, we put a deposit down on this rent to own house...the realtor said shed hire my wife to work with her for 2 jobs, one being her property mgr at her realty company and two working with her autistic son which my wife did, work with special needs people in mass and new we decided to take it...the wife and kids had a rough life before she met me...I made good money so I wanted them to have better and nicer things. we flew back to boston, picked up the dog and one kid, my step son stayed with his dad for another month to work with him cuz hes a contractor...the three of us drove here...across country...I met a few people on az young professionals site here on a few interviews lined up..they didn't pan out...struggling with money cuz my severance pay is quickly running out, we had to get food stamps...someone mentioned to me that the VA would give me rent money if I went back to school full I did that for 3.5 months the va paid our 1425 rent...almost got evicted twice with that cuz you have to be in school for 30 days and the va pays on the first of the month...our landlord had trouble grasping that. still no my 401k furniture caught up on bills...that soon ran out..still no UNEMPLOYMENT...found out my previous job didn't send back the questionnaire twice to mass unemployment..sept 5 finally got my check from them...sept 11 got a job in Scottsdale at general dynamics..things were settling down...oct 15 I was done with school so the VA money stopped...wife still wasn't working never heard from the realtor that I had a job, I had to get a car...step son has some issues and goes to a private school for his learning disabilities and his other problems. wife needed a car to be here in case she needed to get to the school. I was working in Scottsdale...we live in surprise...some rumblings at work began that we were gonna be laid off soon...I started looking for was really money for rent, food or both car payments...ive held off the water and phone etc...I tried to sell some autographed baseballs I have of red sox players. some guy was interested. he sent me a fraudulent check unbeknownst to me...I deposited and had the bank hold it to make sure it didn't...they subsequently closed my acct...atm took my card..had another direct deposit going then I was like what am I going to do now...I looked at bad credit loans because my ex wife has foreclosed twice now on our house we bought back in NH..i took a VA loan to get it...while in afghansitan, I gave her 20k to get out of foreclosure even though I didn't have too...she’s now suing me for back child support cuz I haven't paid it since may...I lost my job and didn't have the money now the state of NH is trying to get me to pay trying to fight it by myself thru the courts saying the 20k should go towards the back support...anyways....she also got two cars repo'd that had my name on it destroying my I tried to get a bad credit loan last week...borrowed 250 from my dad to wire me to pay the initial fee they wanted to give me a 5k loan to get caught up on everything...they then said they needed another 150 to release the money cuz the US state dept put a hold on twice in the last 2 weeks ive gotten scammed...this past wed, a guy I met when I moved here at azjob connection emailed me and told me to call this one guy right I did...he hired me over the phone and wanted me to go meet him and start training in chandler the next I had to quit general dynamics right away...luckily two days later they laid off...however I took at 6 an hour pay cut to take this wife wasn't happy but understood cuz az unemployment is like 240 a week,,,no way we could survive on unemployment from mass was 725 a I took this job last week...sunday they are flying me to dallas for 2 weeks..all expenses paid except for food, that’ll be reimbursed when I get back at 35 a you get all that? we have two car payments and rent due all within 3 days of each leaving in a few days for two weeks and have no money to go with, the wife and kids are staying here and they have no money or food, wife is trying to find a job...we need to and looked and homes to rent on the other side of town like in san tan valley...would save about 500a month in rent then more just form gas cuz I work in chandler...we are freakin money no food no gas ill have no food in check doesn’t come till dec 10...have furniture people saying they will come get it Friday if I don't make a payment...I did hold off both car companies for now and am trying to stall the a vet who made great money a year ago and a year later cant afford gas food rent even to go on this business trip... but everyday exiting an off ramp, ive tried to give some food or little bit of cash I have if any to someone who may need it more than me. I only make 19 an hour now...I was making over 30...unbelievable...the kids beds are on the floor, they really have no furniture in their rooms except a make shift shelf that came from the garage when we moved in this house... I feel so awful and such a failure that they have to go thru this again...I never have and its hard. my ex wife was a stock broker so we both made good money and always had things. ive been praying and praying that something good will happen. ive applied to a ton of vet things but I don't qualify cuz I wasn't ever wounded or there’s always some excuse. I cant go to st marys foodbank in surprise cuz I went already a few weeks ago. I don't know what to do so depressing and so stressful...

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BaddCatt   in reply to levigabbi
Here's a link I think you should try
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levigabbi   in reply to BaddCatt
Hi my name is leroy grant and I was wondering if u could help
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BaddCatt   in reply to Teachingtofish
Good post. (Even with the risque laguage)
Thanks for sharing.
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Teachingtofish   in reply to Teachingtofish
FYI im only 32! 2 times fighting cancer and losing everything....i found ways to make money you can too!
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Guys, Seriously I feel for you and your problems however there is ALWAYS a way to make money! Go to the library and sign up for a pay-pal and eBay account! Sell something! Start looking at the free section of Craigslist and take metal to recycle! No one is going to give you help because if you cant problem solve on your own then you will never be self sufficient when shit hits the fan again and it usually does! I know I have had to lose EVERYTHING 2 times already and fight cancer! I have 3 kids along for the ride...Life is hard but and it will never get easy unless you start realizing and accepting the fact that life is hard and complicated! Good luck to you all!
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Just gonna be real and say what's really going on. My wife and I are just days now from becoming homeless. I am going to the day labor agencies for work and cant seem to get out to work. I go out everyday aand put applications in and no phone calls. Now we have absolutely nothing to fall back on. I've lightened my stuff to a size of a backpack. So I can accommodate my wife's belongings. We need help amd need it badly.

Anyone listening plz call 6023061055 o
r send email with any ideas or if you can help

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Hii, my names taylorlyn and im 18 and me and my boyfriend are homeless. We have a dog named natti and we barely manage to get by we live out of our car. We are in desprate need of help to get into this monthly place its total move in is $200. We need a stable place to live in order to get on our feet and get a job. We have applied all over phoenix and mesa and still havent gotten jobs it would also be help if anyone knew any places that are hireing. I was wondering if anyone can help or knows a place that can help it would be much appreiated. Iv been looking all over someone please help us your our only help.
Contact me at (602)-423-9409.
call or text.
Thank you so much!(:
Your's in need,
Taylorlyn, jay,and natti.
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